Our Ethos & Values

Our Beliefs

We  value what we do in transforming the life chances of our students.  This is reflected in our motto:

'Credimus'Latin for:'We Believe'

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We believe that all students can reach their potential and to make this happen we must all behold the highest of expectations.

We believe that our school exists to shape the life chances of all our students so that they can attend the best Universities or places of employment in years to come.

We believe that the best way to prepare children for the future is through ‘Leadership’ and our academy will intentionally develop the character and skills required to contribute positively to their wider communities.


Our Ethos & Values

Our ethos permeates the daily life of our academy by:

Offering all the advantages of an independent education but free of fees and selection.

Great Schools Trust academies are not just schools. They are values-driven organisations with a strong sense of moral purpose and mission. 


Our Vision

At Great Schools Trust, we aim to challenge educational and social disadvantage by serving as a catalyst for social and geographical mobility, so that each of our students has opportunity and choice over their future destination.

Our vision is

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Our Values

Our ‘seven pillars of character’ are bound together through the constant use of the acronym:

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Aspiration and Achievement – Through the development of these character traits we want our students to develop not only the highest of aspirations but also the drive and determination to achieve those aspirations


Self-awareness – By becoming more self-aware our students will gradually develop a greater understanding of themselves as a person as well as their strengths and, perhaps more importantly, the areas in which they need to develop.



Professionalism – By taking a ‘professional’ approach to life in King’s we encourage our students to develop ‘self-pride’ in all that they undertake. This includes being punctual, attending daily, dressing well, presenting their work to the highest professional standards, and adopting a professional approach to their behaviour.


Integrity – We help our students understand that integrity is not just about telling the truth. It is about being true to their beliefs and upholding them; it is about having pride in all that they do, always working to their true ability and behaving correctly to other people at all times.


RespectWe help our students understand that respect is not simply about being polite, courteous and good mannered. It is about respecting your own ability and working hard to achieve well. It is about valuing the differences in others and looking after our planet and its limited resources.


Endeavour – By endeavour we mean working hard to achieve success; being focussed on the task in hand; tackling it conscientiously and diligently; having the perseverance, resilience, tenacity and grit to keep going when others start to give up.

Our Mission

Our mission encapsulates the Trust’s core practices and processes which guide our everyday actions, reactions and decisions. It is:

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Academic Skills

We spend more time in school than most other schools and academies through an extended school week which provides students with the equivalent of a 6-year key stage 3&4. We provide a high quality, inclusive curriculum which is vocabulary-led, knowledge-rich, broad and balanced, with a very high uptake of the English Baccalaureate, over twice the national average.

Intellectual Habits

To transform life chances we have to transform habits. The Trust’s educational model actively shapes habits of daily punctuality and attendance together with a highly positive attitude to learning so as to maximise the time available to develop a strong core of academic skills.

Qualities of Character

The trust’s ASPIRE code provides a values-led decision-making framework which helps students codify their behaviour and gain a better perspective of life

Qualities of Leadership

The development of character through the vehicle of leadership is the cornerstone of our specialism through a plethora of leadership and character-building opportunities to broaden their horizons and engage in a wider range of co-curricular experiences.